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World has created several career choices today, dislike days of yore when one needs to pick just in the middle of the set number of decisions, surely the significance of achievement has been changed these days. Understudy are more mindful when contrasted with more seasoned days still we are neglecting to limit the hole between understudies graduating each year and getting utilized. Career Potli trusts that "Career choices are a standout amongst the most imperative choices in an understudy's scholarly and expert adventure. “

Each understudy points diversely in his/her life yet he/she crosses a similar way i.e. picking the stream after tenth, picking vocation choices after twelfth. A few understudies goes for higher investigations after graduations , a few understudies points substantially higher and join Doctorship program to get the PHD. Relatively every understudies after Graduation/Post graduation join the race to land the position of wanted profile coordinate, a few people succeed that on the double, some may need to battle more to succeed, some are as yet battling.

Career Potli fills in as “One Stop Destination" in career working of an understudy from the early period of school to landing the coveted position in his work field.

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Our Team

Gagan Mittal
Co-Founder & CEO
Harsh Agrawal
Co-Founder & CTO
Dr. Jawahar Surisetti
Nilesh Tiwari
Educational Psycologist