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CareerPotli Assessment Test is the only test to give you 20 page detailed report on top dominating careers suitable for you based on your

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CareerPotli Assessment Test is the only Comprehensive career testing platform that incorporates five areas into one test.

  • Career interests are something that is usually not a part of career testing. Futura gives due importance to the aspirations and interests of the individual.
  • Personality traits of the individual form an integral part of the analysis for career choice. This is a valuable addition to the test.
  • Aptitude is always a part of career tests as it is in Futura – But it is not the only component of Futura Test. Aptitude Report maps your Verbal, Numerical, Spatial, Logical and ASA aptitude.
  • Emotional quotient decides the likely success or failure of the individual in the workplace. This is also factored in the Futura Test.
  • Putting all these factors together, Futura test arrives at a conclusive evidence to suggest careers to the test takers through a unique algorithm that projects careers based on the skills required for the career and the personality traits, interests, aspirations, Emotional Quotient and Aptitude of the test taker making it the most unique test in the world.

What is career counselling?

In career counseling, the counselors use theories and assessments to help others make a career choice, think through career problems, find jobs and explore opportunities, just like doctors there are many types of career counselors who use different ways, theories, interventions, and assessments. Some career guide helps you to pick up subjects for your further studies, while other counselors help you with job satisfaction or career development. Often career counselors are people who hold a master degree in counseling or social media. On the whole career, counseling is a process that helps you to know and understand yourself and the world of education and the world of job in a very easy and fluent way.

What is Career Assessment Test?

Career Assessment test gives you an insight into your career personality that where your unique strength and skill lies, and you will learn what kind of work environments and occupations suits you the best. The results of this career test offer you a listing of professions and occupations that suit your career personality. Select a career that matches your preferences, and you will increase your chances of touching the sky.

How can I make the most out of my strengths?

All the graduates, students, are confused about what they are functionally good at. So a career counselor can help you identify your soft skills strengths such as your communication skills, ability to work in a team, negotiation skills, attention to detail, data analysis. To know only what is your strength is not enough as you should know how to employ them in life. The career assessment test which the counselor may suggest you is to identify where your strength lies, but after that, it is good if you take guidance. So when you go through this process you will be able to make the most out of your strengths.

What would a Career Counsellor do for the one who needs counselling?

All the counselor knows how to ask the right questions to help the students figure out how to jump-start your career. Some would suggest you go for tests which would decide what is best for your students. After which a counselor will generate a report to summarize the series of tests and questions.

What's the best job search strategy to me?

It's not the same everywhere every job has different requirements. Enlist your counselor's experience in strategizing your approach. Ask questions like: How should I allocate my search time between networking, informational interviews and applying for jobs? How you should approach the job search will be based on your role, industry, and location but your career counselor likely has some advice that will help you out.

What should I do next:-

An important part of seeing a career counselor is to set actionable objectives and find out what further help you can get. A career counselor will acknowledge lots of career planning tools, books, that will be helpful in evaluating your most suitable career option or what you should study. Though they are merely suggestions, they are often based on research studies and have generalization that may apply to you. A career counselor guides you through this process.