Mass Communication Companion

Your one-stop Mass Communication Counselling package with year-long dedicated Mentor, Rank and College predictor, numerous webinars, access to online personalized information libraries, Mass Communication planner, updates and many more.

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Dedicated Mentor

  • A year-long mentor to help you choose the right pathway to enter Top Mass Communication colleges of India.
  • A dedicated mentor to tackle your Mass Communication entrance related queries throughout the academic year.
  • Mentoring for choosing the right College as per most suitable Mass Communication programs.
  • Offers help while choosing  Entrance exams. Which forms to fills? Their timely notifications and many more.

Rank & College Predictor

  • Predict your rank in different Mass Communication entrance exams 
  • Predict your admission chance in Top Mass Communication colleges of India.
  • Understand your admission chances based on different parameters i.e. Rank, Caste, Home state, Gender etc.

Information Library

  • Access to personalised Career information library. 
  • Explore and apply for several Mass Communication Entrance examinations in one stop.
  • Explore various scholarship opportunities and apply for them.

Mass Communication Planner

  • A course wise personalized calendar covering all the important dates and events for your Mass Communication admissions. 
  • Timely updated calendar.


  • Get your queries resolved by Top career counsellors of India.
  • Exclusive multiple online sessions for students as well as parents.

Mass Communication Update

  • Regular and timely updates on important Notifications, Announcements etc.
  • Alerts delivered by SMS, Email, whatsapp & App notifications.