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Masters in Education


Masters in Education(M.Ed) is a Postgraduate Academic Master Degree Course. It is usually a 2 years program including 2 Semesters, however some institutes offer a 1 year Regular M.Ed. course like - Shivaji University. The minimum period of passing the course is 2 years and the maximum is 4 years. This period duration may vary from institute to institute. M.Ed. can be pursued either as a Distance Education Mode/Regular Course or through Correspondence. The correspondence course is a duration of 1 year. Masters Degree in Education is available in various subjects Masters in Education Programs involves instructions, counselling, and administration. It is particularly implied for instructors liking to propel their aptitudes in the field. Experts Degree in Education is provided all over India in different Universities. Master of Education course is offered  majorly at the  District Institute of Education Training (DIET) centers across India. M.Ed. is mostly offered by foundations that are perceived by National Council of Teacher Education, New Delhi. It is a government body responsible for enhancing and executing instructor training programs in the nation. It is essential to pursue the M.Ed. courses if one is interested in pursuing a teaching career. In each state in India there are a few foundations that offer Master of Education courses. Master of Education Degree essentially provides educational research, social and psychological foundations of the discipline.

Courses & Eligibility

The eligibility for pursuing Masters in Education are as follows:

  • Applicant who has successfully cleared his Bachelors of education i.e. B.Ed. from recognized institution with atleast 50% marks is eligible to apply for this course. students with a B.Ed. or BA in education can also apply to the program.
  • The average tuition fee of the course approximately  INR 10,000  to 25,000.

Course Curriculum

Master in Education is a 2 years course divided into 4 semesters, i.e. 2 semesters for each year. Topics covered under each semester are as follows:

Year I

Philosophical Perspectives of Education
Introductory Methods in Educational Research
Historical and Political Perspectives of Education
Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Advanced Educational Technology
School Observation & Field Based Activities
Self-Development and Communication Skills
Preparation of Synopsis

Year II

Socio- Economic Perspectives of Education
Advanced Psychological Perspectives of Education
Advanced Methods in Educational Research
Advanced Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Teacher Education in Indian and Global Perspectives
Dissertation and Viva Voce

Career Prospect

Graduated  from this course, there are varied numbers of career choices available for you. The main field of employment is education and some of the popular career choices are:

  • Lecturer or Professor
  • Soft skills Trainer
  • Counselor
  • Head master
  • Junior Assistant

Pay & Remuneration

After Masters of Education, you can earn a starting income approximately Rs 2 to 4 Lacs per annum, whereas after 3-4 years of experience this amount gets doubled or even more. The revenue will growth along with your experience in this field. The salary will be different according to the job positions and the institute you are working with.

The salary increment depends upon the eligibility of employee and also the condition of the university you are working with.

Top Colleges in India

There are various Goverment as well as Private colleges available for the course of Bachelor of Education (M.Ed.) across India. Some of the famous colleges are as follows:

More Information

What are the benefits of Masters of Education ??

The benefits of Masters of Education course are:

  • M.Ed. course gives information of training frameworks and examples all the more significantly and similarly. It empowers the possibility to build up a comprehension of the commitments of different Indian schools of logic to the field of instruction.
  • Master of Education course helps gain more experience and technical finesse required to be an advanced teacher or educator. In this manner, one can easily get best jobs in a high school immediately after completing M.Ed. course.
  • While studying this course, you can work in subjects like Educational Technology, Educational Management, Women Studies, Language Education, Teacher Education, Guidance and advising, Special Education, Environment Education, Yoga Education or Rural Education.

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