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Mining engineering


Mining engineering is a field that deals with extraction and processing of minerals from a naturally occurring environment. Mining and Mineral extraction is vital for the growth of modern society. Mining activities can cause disturbance because of their nature and the activities effect the natural environment. Mining engineers are consequently involved not only with the production and processing of mineral commodities but also with the mitigation of harm to the environment because of that production and processing. Mining engineers are consulted on virtually every level of a mining operation. Mining engineers work as an engineer who does operations development, further mineral exploration, and operation capitalization by figuring out where in the mine to add equipment and personnel. The engineer may also work in supervision and management, or as an equipment and mineral salesclerk. In addition to engineering and operations, the mining engineer may work as an environmental, health and protection manager or design engineer.

Courses & Eligibility

The Eligibility for pursuing B. Tech in mining engineering, applicant must have passed 10+2 with minimum qualifying marks in aggregate with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as elected subjects. Independent entrance exams of JEE Mains are also held by the various state, central, and private universities.

The course fee of Mining Engineering is about INR 4 Lakh to 10 Lakh in a private college. There are many govt. and private colleges for Mining Engineering course. Fees varies as per the  different institution.

Course Curriculum

B.E./B.Tech. Mining Engineering program is a Four years long Undergraduate Level course. The Four years duration is divided into 8 semesters, with each semester lasting a period of Six months. The first two semesters will contain common Engineering subjects only. Topics covered under each semester are given below:

Semester I

Design Thinking
Engineering Mechanics
Workshop Technology
Mathematics I
Physics I

Semester II

English Communication
Basic Electrical & Electronics
Mathematics II
Engineering Graphics
Computer Programming
Physics II

Semester III

Introduction to Geology
Mine Surveying
Mathematics III
Mine Development
Mining Geology
Open Elective I

Semester IV

Exploration Geophysics
Mineral Economics & Exploration Risk
Mine Planning & Design
Methods of Surface Mining
Mine Ventilation
Open Elective II
Mine Machinery
Semester V

Mineral Processing Technology
Application of Remote Sensing in mining
Solid Fuel and Clean Coal Technology
Methods of Sub Surface Mining
Extra Terrestrial Mining
Program Elective I
Rock Slope Technology
Rock Mechanics
Open Elective III
Semester VI

Sand Ming
Placer Mining
Program Elective II
Petroleum Exploration
Underground Coal Mining
Mine Environmental Engineering
Applied Rock Mechanics & Numerical Modelling
Sustainable Mining & GeoPolitical Negotiations
Mineral Exploration and Strategic Decision Analysis

Semester VII

Program Elective III
Mine Management
Secondary Mining
Occupational Health & Safety
Hydro geological Management
Underground Metal Mining
Material Handling System
Environment Impact Assessment
Mining Hazards and Rescuing Operations

Semester VIII

Radioactive Mineral Deposits & Validation
Mine Hosting
Commercial Polymetallic Mining & Simulation
Mine Plant Design
Collaborative Mining & Legal Due Diligence
Program Elective IV
Mining of Deep seated Deposits
Program Elective V
Mine Legislation & Safety

Career Prospect

Mining engineers have numerous career options. In Mining engineering, there are enormous job opportunities are available in public quarter or government companies. career scope in the field of coaching is also bright for applicants having a master’s degree in mining engineering.

B.Tech. Mining Engineer can get Job position as:

  • Assistant Mining Engineer
  • Mining Engineering Technician
  • Mining Engineer/Mine Planner
  • Deputy Chief Mechanical
  • Executive/Assistant Manager
  • Assistant Manager/Deputy Manager
  • Technical Consultant
  • Research Engineer

Pay & Remuneration

A fresher holding a B.Tech Mining Engineering degree can expect an average starting salary is generally between Rs 1.3 lakh to Rs 3.15 lakh in a year. Paying amount depends upon your overall performance and any additional talents you obtain. 

A Mining Engineer with 4 to 7 years experience will get more salary than a fresher get.

Famous Personalities

There are many Persons who have made a mark in the field of Chemical Engineering. Some of the Famous Personalities are as follows:

  • Dr. Chandrani Prasad Verma
  • Richard Trevithick (13 April 1771 - 22 April 1833)
  • Henry Gannett (24 August 1846 - 5 November 1914)
  • George Reginald Starr (6 April 1904 - 2 September 1980)

Top Colleges in India

There are some top colleges for chemical engineering. they are given below:

Top Colleges
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Institute of Technology, Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Indian Institute of Technology, (ISM) Dhanbad
GES, Gandhinagar

NIT, Rourkela
NIT, Surathkal
NIT, Nagpur
IIST, Shibpur
VNIT, Nagpur

More Information

Advance Courses in M.Tech. Mining Engineering

  • M.E. (Mining Engineering)
  • M.Phil. (Mining Engineering)

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