Free self-test - Check your Stress level for the Exams.

For each of the statements below, indicate the extent to which the statement applied to you the past week by clicking on the appropriate box. There are no correct or wrong answers. It's about your first impression.

1) I read through the test and feel that I do not know any of the answers.

2) I wish examination did not bother me so much.

3) I panic before and during a test

4) I remember the information that I blanked, once I get out of the testing situation.

5) My mind goes blank during a test.

6) I sometimes feel my heart beating very fast during an important test.

7) Do you ever think that what if you get less marks than your friends?

8) During examinations, I sometime wonder if I will ever complete my schooling.

9) I think I could do much better on tests if I could take them alone and not feel pressed by a time limit.

10) As soon as an examination is over, I try to stop worrying about it but just I can’t.

11) I have trouble sleeping the night before a test.

12) I feel sickening before a test.

13) I have visible signs of nervousness such as sweaty palms, shaky hands, and so on right before a test.

14) I have “butterflies” in my stomach before a test.

15) I have trouble choosing answers.

16) Do you think, you worry more about exams than other students?

17) I make mistakes on easy questions or put answers in the wrong places.

18) I sometimes dream at night that I failed to attempt all the questions in the test on given time.

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