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15 Year Old Boy Who Built World's First Social Sharing Search Engine

  • Nov 01 2018
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  • Abhik decides a name ‘Origgon’ which means  OR–I–GO–ON (It also means a new Origin/Beginning). The idea was too simple to socialize the web. Origgon would be a bridge between the internet and social network.

We Indians are very complex people. We believe in keeping our feet grounded to our roots and out heads in new and unexplored skies of possibilities. We find ways newer and better way to do things, and that too by applying simple and efficient theories. This is a user-friendly age, a very interactive age. Today we have feedback on everything, we have comments, likes, shares, and reviews.

Yes, Abhik Saha is one such talent born in this country. This 15-year-old young, talented and enthusiastic entrepreneur has built a social search engine which delivers the search results to you based on social signals.

As we all know the influence of social media in our life, we all buy and use products and services by recommendations and referrals, This unique search engine, will not just search for your keywords within its database but will also check its social reputation online and will fetch the best possible query based on social rank, comments, and rating.

This is not just the first venture of Abhik Saha, before this unique idea, he has already established & sold two of his companies and now came with another unique idea. This is just not the thing he himself managed to raise funding from an angel investor from Mumbai via Facebook, where kids like him use Facebook for playing games, Chatting he used Facebook to fulfill his dreams and now looking to raise another round of investment too.

He isn’t just a brilliant mind but is also a kind, considerate heart who believes that he must do something for the betterment of mankind as well while growing on a personal basis. Try this search engine and you won’t just be getting fantastic user-friendly results but also you will be helping him in his cause to feed the hungry.

He wants to become bill gates of India. So that even he could do something better and give back to India by making his own big foundation where he can help the needful of our country. So his company actually donates 10 kgs of wheat flour to the NGOs who are supporting Mid-Day meals for every 5,000 searches it gets. So for every 50 searches, you have the power to bring a smile on the face of a poor kid.

A 15-year-old boy from small village Chalsa, West Bengal of India has built world’s first social sharing search engine. It seems impressive as compare to his age. His competitor company’s operating years are more than his age.

Abhik was an average boy in his schools days but his deep passion in web development help him to built website and application during his early age. He had built 30 website and various applications before Origgon. He started his web development journey in 2012. In his early days, he had built various website along with his study.

Students among his age are preparing for studies and he was putting efforts in website and application. He utilizes his spare time in school and traveling in thinking about how he can go ahead and implement it in a night after returning from school. He had faced various problems during this journey. He was hardly getting time for doing for web development, beside his tuition and school which was from 7.30 am till 3.30 pm and then tuition from 4.15 pm to 7 pm. At the end of the day, he was tired of and left with homework and all other stuff.

He also faced internet problem in his village. He had to manage things on less internet bandwidth apart from that no one was there to teach him. Despite these all challenges and odds he never stops it. “WHEN THERE IS WILL THERE IS WAY” he learned to code from books, internet, and online courses. He found various bugs and coding problem during his initial learning days but he never gives up on that and built application and website.

The journey of the world’s first social sharing search engine – “Origgon” was started in 2016. One day Abhik was searching on viral content on a search engine and he ended up with no search result. He found that most of the searches were influenced by the keywords or spam. Many websites ranked high on search list and sometimes it has not any relevant content in it. Even viral content on social media did not appear on search results.

This was kickstart moment for him an idea of Origgon emerges. His thought was simple to connect social search along with the web search.

Abhik decides a name ‘Origgon’ which means  OR–I–GO–ON (It also means a new Origin/Beginning). Which become the world’s first social sharing search engine. The idea was too simple to socialize the web. Origgon would be a bridge between the internet and social network. But it was just an idea and for executing it in real life he required a team, efforts, and fund to make it happen.

Finally, he registers the company in may 7, 2017  after shifting to Mumbai as Origgon got an angel investor to support the project.

Officially he and his team launched Origgon as an initial public beta on August 14, 2017. They can 500 searches daily. Abhik Shah and his team manage all these things from their office at Vikhroli, Mumbai. He hired 2 employees as our core team member Taher Chittalwala as a web developer and Harshit Jain as partner alliance manager.

Abhik and his team are on the way to creating big and improving this world’s first social sharing search engine. This big thing required a big team, resources, and huge fund. Now Abhik and his team are looking for angel investors who can invest 7 million USD for the further expansion.

With fewer resources and proper teamwork anything can be possible and Passion with the prompt action leads to ultimate success.