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How this self-taught 14-year-old kid became an AI expert for IBM

  • Oct 30 2018
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  • Tanmay Bakshi is nothing like the average child you would meet.

  • To everyone’s surprise at the IBMDevConnect, Tanmay open-sourced his app on stage, a move to make it more accessible to the developer community.

Tanmay Bakshi is a 14 years old boy. who is self-taught teenager software developer who developed several apps and source code. 

He is also an Author, Keynote Speaker, Algorithm-ist, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, IBM Champion for Cloud and YouTuber. 

His parents immigrated from Delhi, India to Brampton, Canada in 2004 when he was one year old. 

His Father Puneet Bakshi is a computer programmer. Mother Sumita is housewife. Tanmay is World's Youngest IBM Watson Programmer.

  • He started coding at the age of five.
  • He set up a YouTube channel when he was seven to post tutorials about web development and coding.
  • He has 150+ youtube videos and more than 2000 subscribers.
  • He finished his first iOS app in Apple’s App Store at the age of nine.
  • At the age of 11 while uploading a video on YouTube he first time heard about artificial intelligence.
  • At the age of thirteen he started working with Artificial intelligence.
  • The name of his first app was “tTables” which helps in learning multiplication tables. 
  • At the age of 14 his first book was published which was called Hello Swift, which is about iOS programming techniques for kids and developers.

He hosted a TEDx Talk and become speaker at IBM Watson summits around the world which include country like Finland, New Zealand, Denmark and Australia. His latest work is in health section using the neural network, a computer system modeled on the human brain.

Tanmay Bakshi is nothing like the average child you would meet. The twelve year old was first drawn to programming languages, when he was just five and wondered how his name could be displayed on his dad's computer screen. he started programming from the vary basic program of “hello world”. He set out on a quest to solve simple mysteries that intrigued him and started programming with his father’s help, and he is now one of the youngest app developers in the world today.

Tanmay lives in Brampton, Canada, and built his first app for the iPhone when he was only nine years old. He might be jet-setting around the world today, delivering keynote addresses and demonstrating his apps before awestruck audiences, but recognition and success didn’t come easy. The whizkid faced several rejections before his app finally got published on the app store on Valentine's Day 2013, marking the beginning of what seems to be Tanmay’s promising love story with tech.

Since then, he has continued to develop at an astonishing rate as he acquired more programming languages. He is fluent in most, if not all, of the major codes in use today.

He is currently working on a project, called “The Cognitive Story”, aimed at helping a disabled and housebound Canadian woman communicate through neural network technology that models her brain and nervous system.

The project, which is open-source initiative, applies cognitive technologies to help individuals who are unable to communicate to express their emotions.

“The world needs more developers,” says Tanmay and is doing his bit to help increase the number. To everyone’s surprise at the IBMDevConnect, Tanmay open-sourced his app on stage, a move to make it more accessible to the developer community. Through his YouTube channel ‘Tanmay Teaches’, he also imparts programming knowledge and clears tech doubts of over a thousand of his subscribers who are as young as fifteen and as old as forty!

What’s next?

Tanmay is currently trying to figure out how to get the Apple Watch to work independently from the iPhone, a few apps for iOSX, and an app to help college students and developers look up algorithms. However, he holds hope for a “really powerful answering system” in “many years” with “100% accuracy.”  He is also working on updates for ‘Ask Tanmay,’ including different question styles, higher accuracy, improving its engine and making it faster.

Tanmay prefers working on IBM Watson’s API and wants to develop an app that will allow businesses to analyse social media better and target better audiences, and is looking to get into the B2B side of things.

Having accomplished so much in so little time, what is Tanmay looking to do next?

“I want to become a better developer, write more books, deliver more keynote addresses and share my knowledge through my YouTube channel,” he says.

And as he continues to take the world by storm, he also has some advice for his contemporaries,

Follow your heart and passion. It could be anything, just practice and get better at it!