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Story of Almas Mukri a 14 year Entrepreneur, breaking all stereotypes.

  • May 23 2019
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There are supposedly many excuses if one does not want to get themselves out of their comfort zones, but unlike few who break all stereotypes, and as it is said, if one is determined to achieve something, the universe conspires to bring it. One such example is of Almas Mukri, a 14 year girl of Mumbai, daughter of a vegetable vendor who is the only earning member of the family of five. Almas says she comes from a background where girls are not even aloud to study and go out, let alone earning. But as they say, breaking stereotypes are necessary for doing something extraordinary..

Almas says her father supported her all through this, she aimed to create a user-friendly platform that'll help the customers to gift fruit basket. On her way back from school, she used to visit organic fruit and vegetable vendors, and came in contact with a vendor who had his organic fruit farm in Pune, and that was the inception point of idea, but again the challenge was to arrange the capital.

 Meanwhile she came to know about the Karan Gupta Education Formation and IE venture Day B Plan Foundation, and much to her expectations she won a prize money of 50,000.

The most innovative part of the whole business module was generating work for the low scale woman workers of Kamathipura for making baskets and she is employing deaf and mute boys as delivery boys. She's currently working on building the brand's presence over Facebook and Instagram and shares the photo samples of the fruit baskets through WhatsApp .

Over starting this early, she says, this helps in saving the hours of future and in being ahead of time. She believes that Gifting on India should be synonymous with joy.