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1. Set realistic career goals

The very first step towards success is to know yourself, what you want, what type of skills you need to pursue, what are the areas of interest after completing your MBA degree. To understand what you can offer to the employers to help you to narrow your job search to those which is most suitable for you. And also knowing what you want from that job will help you to navigate the web of companies and interviews and selecting the one which satisfies your needs and wants the most.

2. Apply for jobs

The insistence for MBA degrees continues to grow with the time and employers from every industry imaginable which is looking for the talented and the skilled candidates. Narrowing your job search first to the sector of interest, e.g., healthcare, technology, management, finance, etc.

Some of the common post-MBA professions include:

Computer & Information Systems Manager

It plans and manages all the computer-related activities in the organization. Implement software and hardware and develops the use of equipment.

Financial Manager

Financial managers oversee the economic activities, and the transactions manage the cash and also plan the investment of the company. It helps in creating financial procedures and budget and helps the company to meet its fiscal objectives.

Health Services Manager

It expands and diversifies the healthcare procedures, monitors the upholding to government healthcare reforms, sees the work of doctors, technicians and clerical workers.

Investment Banker

It helps companies, organizations and the government agencies to raise the fund by giving strategic advice by about mergers, acquisition, and other types of business deals.

3. Use your internship 

An internship should be a very effective way to search for a job as an MBA student. You will not only get hands-on experience. You will get a chance to evaluate yourself as a future employee, but, the student internships also lead to full-time employment after graduation.

4. Take advantage of your school’s resources

All the business schools have some of the career development center available to its students and alumni. Before graduating, ask your academic counselor to review your overall academic performance and discuss all the possible career paths based on your abilities. Once you decide a field or industry in your mind, you can utilize the keyword search in your university’s job board.

5. Start a business

Most of the MBA students motivated by the chances of starting an independent company. If a person is entrepreneurial, think to start a business on your own or with your classmates. In 2015, the Financial Times has reported that most of MBA graduates who started businesses within three years of graduation had increased by 22%.


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