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Candidates who choose MBA needs to pursue their studies in one particular specialization. In many of the B-School, candidates may have to select a specialty in the first year only. Although in most of the institutes’ selection of the specialization will take place in the second year. Moreover, not every B-School offers all the MBA specialization. So, when you get knowledge about the different fields, it would be easy for you to choose the best MBA School. Most of the candidates do not understand about any specialization. In that case, you must analyze your interest in the first year and selecting the interested specialization in the second year.

List of MBA Specialization-

Here is the MBA Specialization which is offered by many B-Schools

• Marketing

• Finance

• Information System/ Technology

• Human Resource Management

• Operations

• Consulting

• Entrepreneurship

MBA in Marketing-

There is always a great demand for marketers in the business world. It is still the market from where the product reaches. The market always has a high demand for skilled and creative marketers. Thus marketing is the most prominent MBA specialization. However, every company needs a marketing manager to increase their sales.

MBA in Finance-

The manager in the finance department has the highest paid job these days. A finance manager must maintain all the financial records of the organization. The primary role of the financial manager will be to maximize return and minimize input in a balanced manner.

MBA in Information Technology-

In today’s time, one cannot skip away from technology. Every organization wants to maximize its profit and grow their business with technical expertise. A manger in IT is responsible for managing the IT department.  

MBA in Human Resources Management-

A Human Resources Manager is a person who is responsible for acquiring, direct, control, and retains the workforce. A manager will always try to maintain the balance between the company and employees' aspirations. The HR manager is responsible for solving the grievances of employees and also accountable to manage the IT department of the company.

MBA in Operation Management-

The MBA in Operation Management is all about production, services, and trading, etc. It includes the managing process like designing the product, production, quality of the product, supply, etc.

MBA in Consulting-

Consulting Profession is one of the highest-paid jobs and with the opportunity to travel a lot. The primary task of the consulting profession is to deliver opinions and advice to a company in a particular situation. The business manages different types of clients in different locations and industries.

MBA in Entrepreneurship-

Many business schools offer this specialization. Entrepreneurship is a whole new program included in several institutions' curriculum. Its core focus is on developing strategic thinking and skill development to give directions to the new start-ups. This program helps you to see the real-world challenges and barriers that might appear in the future.


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