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Social media is a set of website and applications that allows users for developing as well as sharing anything to engage on social networking is called social media. It is not only for posting snaps online. It is interactive computer technology for sharing various ideas, Information, career interest and another form of expression through different communities & worldwide networks.

Why do students use social media?

It has become a valuable tool not only for communication & marketing but also in the field of education as well. In general, students use social media to share and get the instant Information, reviews and solutions to their problems.

Social media plays a essential role in every student’s life. Students and teachers now can get connected with the use of social media, making preferable use of this platform for gaining & providing education.

Although social media has been criticized a lot because of the effect on the students in gaining and retaining Information. There are many ways to use the internet-based press as a positive tool for children.

1. Educational Benefits of Social Media

Over many years social media has obtained credit-ability as a trusted source of Information and platform where an organization can interact with the global audiences. Teachers can use social media to improve their technical ability and student involvement in studies.

2. Easy sharing of Information

Sharing of Information’s, sharing of links and other sites has become super more accessible to the students to share pieces of information to their friends, classmates and other connections. Most of the time they are connected to the internet through mobile phones, laptops, PCs and tablets etc. for transmitting their views, opinions, tips and study material etc.

3. Social Credibility

Many of the colleges and universities have begun the facility of connecting with a large number of students through the means of social media networks, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

It creates involvement between the school and students, which helps to handle several student-related issues through the group associations.

4. Cost-effective Communication

Social media is a perfect & cost-free medium for the end-users. It is also an excellent technique to encourage things such as events, new courses, and various researches. It is thus be used to enhance development in learning.


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