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A graphic designer's success always depends upon the year's experience and the training. There are some steps to become a graphic designer.

  • Earn a degree.  

Most of the graphic designers will have a bachelor's degree in graphic design. When you are deciding on the college, you might choose one which is recognized by the National Association.

  • Complete an internship.  

During college or immediately, after completing graduation, you can gain valuable experience and begin to form professional relationships by involving in an internship with a design company or designing department.

  • Build your portfolio.  

Start making an impressive portfolio as soon as you have work experience to show, even if you are still pursuing a bachelor's degree. Update your collection regularly as you gain skills and knowledge.  

  • Consider an advanced degree in design.

Some of the graphic designers get a Master of Arts or Fine Arts degree to reach their skills and knowledge to advance level. The program will take about two to three years to complete.

  • Improve your skills.  

The industry of design is continuously changing. Attend every conference and webinars to learn about the latest trends, software, and technologies in designing.

  • Find your specialty.

 Some of the graphic designers prefer to focus on one characteristic of the design, such as branding, digital design, motion graphics, and more.

How to become a graphic designer without degree

Every individual graphics designer had started their career without experience. Nowadays, no client and company will indeed hire you without experience. But to get skills and knowledge to look like a professional graphics designer, you have to work on self-branding and marketing strategies.

Complete online or offline graphic design course and degree. Become skilled and expert in the most popular applications such as Adobe Photoshop, affinity designer, procreate, adobe illustrator, Adobe in Design, and many other online tools and platforms. At least you should know the basics of 2-3 popular design tools.

Qualities required to be a graphic designer

Graphic designers should have many professional skills in addition to creative talent to succeed.  Some qualities required to be a graphic designer are:

  • Creativity:

Graphic designer should have the strong imagination power, must think of new and exciting ways to visually communicate ideas the ideas and thoughts.

  • Artistry:

Coming up with new and innovative ideas, graphic designers must have the artistic talent to draw, illustrate or computer-generate images. They should also be comfortable using different mediums.

  • Communication:  

A Graphic designer should always discuss clearly the messages and ideas with the art director, client or other artists to make sure they are creating an effective design.

  • Computer skills:  

Most of the designers use graphic design software to create new images or edit the images and layouts. They might need to understand how to use photo editing, layout and publishing software.

  • Analytical skills:

Graphic designers should always be able to take a complex idea or data set and determine the best visual representation.


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