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Many of the graduate students want to do air hostess/ flight attendant job. Air hostess gets a good salary, and it also allows travelling to another city. So the youth are getting more interested in air hostess/flight attendant job. To become air hostess, you can join the air hostess courses to take air hostess training. During these days, it is a high profile job in India. Air hostess profession is a dream job for many of the girls.

The job is not only limited to the excellent salary and travelling, but you will also meet people of different kinds and cultures. Visit a new and diverse destination; you will get a chance to meet celebrities, politicians, many business tycoons and get to learn new-new things.

Air hostess job may look easy, but with the job title of air hostess, it includes many responsibilities. Air hostess job is not a simple job. Air hostess addresses to every passenger, they coordinate your security, need to take care of passengers; they also guide the passengers about seats and safety and many more. Every time all the passengers were not the same, some of the passengers create trouble, but the air hostess has to remain calm and polite and handle them with patience and polite.

Air Hostess Qualifications/Eligibility

1. Education for Air Hostess Course

Candidates who had completed their 10+2 can apply for air hostess job. These can be pursued after completing higher studies. To pursue post-graduate air hostess courses, then the minimum education qualification is graduate.

2. Age and Marital Status

The air hostess academy decides the age limit according to their policy. Generally academic prefers candidates of age group 17 to 26 years.

Similarly, the marital status depends upon the academic policies. Mostly they will prefer the unmarried girls, but some institutes take admission of married girls also.

3. Physical Standards

Air hostess job is very conscious about behavior and physical looks. The minimum height of the girls should be 5.2″ or 157 cm. Body mass indexes should be calculated. Thus, the weight should be proportional to height. Skin color must be fair to clear complexion.

4. Medical and Fitness

The candidate should be physically fit. They should not have a mental health condition. Some airlines also provide concession to the candidates, and it should be 6/9.  

Behavioral Skills Required

1. Pleasing Personality

The candidate should have a pleasant voice and should be good looking. You should have a friendly behavior with the passengers. An air hostess should be warm and social personality.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

There should be the command over language and communication skills are required. You should know how to handle passenger onboard and convince them if they are asking something.

3. Presence of Mind

When it comes to an emergency landing, an air hostess must be able to provide instructions to inexperience and panic passengers on board. His/her willpower should be active.

4. Team Work

An air hostess should be a team player. A cabin crew comprises over 12-14 members, and need to work in tandem.


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