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Finance, Commerce, and Accountancy, all are different terminologies. Accountancy and finance are part of commerce.

In general terms, commerce stands for the exchange of goods with money, but finance is the management of funds and accounts keep the records of the day to day flow of cash.

Career options are different for finance and Accountancy. After 12th, if a student passes out with commerce, he has so many options to make his career. Still, the question is, what are the possibilities he will get if he chooses finance?  What are the opportunities that will open for him if he selects Accountancy?

Some of the options are always open after 12th

• Chartered Accountants (CA)

• Company Secretary (CS)

• Economist

• Banking

• Cost and Management Account (CMA)


But the best time to decide their career is after bachelor's because bachelors cover basic of both the streams and after it student can get a brief idea about it and he can quickly determine his interest area and skills.  

Popular Bachelor options are-

• B.com-Bachelor of Commerce (3 years)

• B.B.A.-Bachelor of Business Administration (3 years)

• B.M.S.-Bachelor of Management Science (3 years)

• B.B.S.-Bachelor of Business Studies (3 years)

• B.E.-Bachelor of Economics (3 years)

• B.F.A.-Bachelor of Finance and Accounting (3 years)

• BIBF -Bachelor of International Business and Finance (3 years)

• Bachelor of Statistics (3 years)


Now selecting finance or Accountancy is a significant challenge because both have endless scope. The finance industry has observed exponential growth in the past decades, and several specialized courses have developed within the broader domain of finance.

• Investment Banking

• Asset Management

• Commercial Banking

• Equity Research

• Corporate Finance

• Risk Management


Capturing a job in the accounting domain is an intelligent decision, this field will always be in demand, and it is a field that students can continue to grow and move up inside any company. There are so many different positions students can find in the accounting field.

• Budget Analyst  

• Fund Accountancy

• Capital / Cost Accountant

• Tax Consultant/Accountant

• Payroll Accountant

• Cost Estimator

• Accounting Clerk


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