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There’s no other place like the design industry. It’s the place where creativity and technology meet and where innovation bloom. Design is everywhere in this world— from the cars we drive to the chairs we sit on, from the clothes we wear to the apps we use. As a designer, one has the power to shape the world in which we live.

In the tech world, design career ranges in skill set, average annual salary, job growth, type, and opportunity. There are many design career in tech listed below:


The work of a web developer is to create a website that is specific to a client’s specifications, including the overall look and feel, as well as functionality and features of the site. Depending on the type of project, the actual code writing is completed by the web developer, and the web designer completes the actual design of the site by using programs like Photoshop.


Visual designers combine their artistic outlook with tech and develop the concepts of everything which are ranging from logos, product designs, brochures, advertisements, and even the websites. The visual designer makes use of tools like the Adobe Creative Suite to develop and illustrate the designs that their clients use for consistent branding and name recognition.


UX (User experience) designers are responsible for the satisfaction of customers and making them crucial to branding and business. UX designers conduct extensive research into the needs of the customers and to use these findings to make smart design decisions. Whether the product is a website or an app, the UX designer makes sure that it's as user-friendly as possible. 


User interface (UI) designers focus on the visual experience of the user; they determine how customers interact with the product interface. The work of the UI designer is to design the screens through which a user can move and create touch points and interact, which facilitate this movement. Consider an app where you swipe left and right or can scroll down a website- some classic UI elements.


The video game designers are the storytellers, programmers, and visual artists they all rolled into one. They draw up video game concepts that are based on the target audience and then bring the idea into life. It may include developing plots and characters; they create the user interface and inputting the scripts for generating interactive game play elements.


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