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Failure is not only painful but also humiliating, it means that the output of our time, effort, and money is zero. We all hate failure but there are chances that we fail when we are heading towards success. Success is what is we get after the continuous attempts that we make to succeed.

Well, the easiest answer is that you learn from your mistakes. Each failure that you attempt is a lesson for greatness and an opportunity that takes you an inch closer to success. When you fail it gives you an opportunity to get back up. This is not so easy as you will need a helping hand to get back.

Different ways to remain motivated after failure, so that you can get back up as soon as possible. So if you are struggling with hopelessness and feel like you barely can get back this is the motivation that you need.

Take time to heal yourself emotionally

Failures are often heartbreaking, and you can’t get over it in a day.

So, if you have just failed with your big idea, or you failed in your exam, fired from your office, you lost your big client, know that this is not the time to feel cherished or happy. Life is not gonna be easy and you cannot control life, but you can be happy with the small victories that you make to heal from your big failures.

Mistakes are your best teachers

Failure is the best teacher and every time you fail take failure as a lesson you learn from your mistakes. If you feel like you are stuck, then do not make that a reason for your excuse and give up rather use it as a motivation and try again and again, and this time don't repeat the same mistake. Every time when your mistake leads to failure use it as the unique opportunity to view your strategies and methods and work upon it until you get your intended outcome.

“The real mistakes are the ones from which we learn nothing.”

Remember that success won’t come without failure

If you want success you keep in mind that success will come to those who have failed at their initial stage but they never give up. Everything you want is on the other side of the fear so don't be afraid of the failure as your failure is heading you towards success. Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is a delay, not defeat. It can stop you temporarily, but it's not a dead end. Once you accept your failure and get comfortable making and accepting it, that is when you have the ability to learn the skill that vital your arts.

Have a positive mindset

Mind play an important role in our life. When things are not going well we have to have a positive mindset as it's difficult to have a positive mindset in a miserable situation because it's hard to make a comeback when you have a miserable mindset. If you have a positive mindset then you can easily overcome your failure without losing enthusiasm and drive.

When you have a positive attitude the outcome that you get will be positive but when you have a negative mindset the results will be negative.

Find an opportunity that helps you grow

Every time you face failure or find no path that is when life is giving you a golden chance to grow, that is when you have to turn that failure into opportunity and turn it into positive.

Just think about Thomas Alva Edison he decided to quit on the light bulb after his first experiment with the light bulb as he failed but thankfully he didn’t quit, and after 999 times failing he didn't give up and finally succeeded his invention now grace all of our homes.

Don’t give up easily, everytime you fail re-evaluates everything and find new ways to do that same job that knocked you down.

Keep on going and chances are there that you will stumble on a few things especially when you least expect it but accept it and move on. I have never heard of anyone who got stumbled sitting down. So, don't stop keep moving as doing anything is your biggest failure.

Visualize your success

When we fail the first thing that never gives up, just close your eyes and visualize what your success will look like. Visualization has more power to motivate you to be back to work with more positive energy.

Whenever you feel like giving up just remember that you can be just one step away from your success. So, keep on trying until and unless you get succeded.

Exceptions are always and there is a thing called LUCK. The problem is that we don't know whether we have it or not. Surrounding yourself with toxic people will ultimately leave an effect on you, as their negative energy will pass on to you.

Failure is tough, rough, and painful; however, failure goes in hand and hand with success. How efficiently you handle your failure will determine your chances of success.