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Preparing for board exams and competitive entrance exams like NEET, JEE, AIIMS, etc. is a clash for the students, and very few of them can win this. Even if the syllabus, level of difficulty, the importance of board exam, and the competitive entrance exam are entirely different, the pressure and stress for the students remain the same. Entrance exam can help you to get admission to your dream college, but the board exam will make you suitable to appear for the entrance exam, which means you cannot ignore any of these exams. One will always need to have an effective plan for board exams and competitive entrance exam preparation.

Now the fundamental question is how to manage the preparation of both competitive entrance exams and board exams effectively? Here we are sharing some tips to achieve the board exam and competitive exam preparation together.

Sooner the better

When you know that you have to cover the entire syllabus of both board and competitive exams, you should not wait for any right time to start. You need a proper plan to utilize your time correctly. When you begin the early preparation of the exams, it will not just only release the pressure at the time of revision but also helps to ace the exam successfully.

Find common ground

When you try to prepare for different exams with the changed syllabus, it seems like an impossible task at a time. If you figure out the common elements from both of them, you can easily save time and still perform better. This perspective will help you save time and also prepare better by allowing you to dedicate adequate time to relevant topics.

Choose your priority

One should always be aware of your toughness and the weakness; there are some topics that you will find easy to understand than the one you need to spend more time. The most important thing to keep in mind while preparing is to manage your time well. Give more importance to the topic, which requires immediate attention and plan accordingly.

Customize your preparation

A well managed and planned preparation strategy will always be customized one. Two different people cannot work most efficiently with the same generic routine. Find out what works better for you, finding out your working style, and use it to create the most suitable method for yourself. Once you get to know what is your learning style, you will be able to choose the right study material.


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