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JEE Main is one of the most stringent national level entrance exams in India. It is conducted by The National Testing Agency (NTA) for getting admission to Undergraduate programs in NITs, IIITs and other Technical Institutions, etc. Securing success in this certainly requires the help of JEE Mains tips.

What is JEE Main?

JEE MAIN refers to the Joint Entrance Examination-Main. The National Testing Agency (NTA) in India organizes these examinations every year. This examination was introduced in the year 2002. However, it was formerly known as the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE). But, it was renamed in the year 2017 to its current name.

Since the formation of these examinations, there are various JEE Mains tips that have been formulated for the students. The preparation tips have always come to the rescue of the JEE aspirants. Most importantly, with proper implementation of these tips, students can score good marks in this examination.

Subject wise Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2020

Few JEE Mains tips are designed specifically for each subject. Below are the topics specific JEE Mains tips:

Physics- Students should refer to the book ‘Concepts of Physics’ by HC Verma. However, students should also refer to NCERT physics books. This will certainly help the students in deeply understanding the concepts.

Students should understand the basic concepts in detail. It is because Physics is a conceptual subject. Studying a specific topic, the students should try to solve the related problem on the very same day, which would undoubtedly make the concepts much clearer.

Chemistry- It contains a combination of concepts, theory, problems, and chemical equations. Students should read some good books on chemistry to understand better. However, students should also mark important points when studying a topic. In this way, students can certainly refer to them for future revision purposes. 

Mathematics- It is the most crucial topic in JEE Main examinations. Students must have continuous practice on math problems to be useful in Mathematics. However, with the usual methods of questions, students will be able to create shortcuts to solve the issues. Students will also be able to relate to different topics. Consequently, students can save a lot of time during the JEE Main 2020 exam preparation.

JEE Main 2020 Tips 

JEE Mains tips will undoubtedly help the student in scoring well. Below are some tips for JEE Main 2020 exams:

Time management- Students should have a good time management strategy for JEE preparation, which will create a balance in the development of JEE Main aspirant. Time management will always play a crucial role in the student’s performance in the JEE Main exam.

Confidence- Students should not get nervous when they face difficult and complicated topics. The focus and concentration of students should always be on learning and solving the problems. However, students should not waste their time worrying and taking tension.

Revision- Revision is a very crucial part of learning to solidify what one has learned. Students should always try to revise all the topics thoroughly. Moreover, candidates should make a plan for quick last-minute revision.