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Did you want to become a pilot?

Ask yourself a question about why you want to be a pilot. There are different challenges to reach the ejection seat that will vary from person to person. Many people may face financial difficulties in achieving their career; some people struggle with exams and the extremity of the pilot training. Meanwhile, some will not enjoy the lifestyle, which means to stay away from your family and friends, sometimes you may also miss the crucial occasions due to airline schedule or unpredictable shifts.

So before you take any training for being pilot, make sure that you are choosing the right career for the right reason. Remember, the question will always be asked that “Why do you want to be a pilot?” is one you’ll inevitably ask at a pilot job interview, so make sure you’re particular about your answer.

Do your research

Make sure that you find out everything about the profession that you can. Get close to airplanes and know about it, talk to pilots who have already been through training programs – most pilots will be all too happy to share their own experience and pass on some advice to help you.

Go to the professionals or any institutes and ask all the questions you need to ask or want to know about the career until you will not have a full picture about a pilot’s life, the highlights and challenges of the profession and the lifestyle, salary, and training of the pilot.

Get your pilot medical checkup done

Before going to the dotted line of any commercial pilot training, you should obtain a medical report, which is necessary for anyone who is wishing to train for an industrial or airline transport pilot license. Don’t commit to a full-time course until you are sure that you are medically fit to fly a commercial aircraft.

Safeguard your investment

Paying for your training to become a professional pilot is one of the most expensive investments you’ll make ever. Whatever route you will choose, you are always want to make sure the investment you are making is safe and secure. So what steps you should take to make the right decision?

Once again, research is the key to know. Search out everything you can about your chosen ATO – that’s the Approved Training Organization.

Finally, don’t give up

The last and final tip is to keep going. Whichever training you choose, there is no easy way to reach the ejection seat, but keep in mind that once you get there, the view from the office window is pretty unique.


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